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Welcome to Issue #2 of The Syndeo Newsletter


Hello and welcome to Issue #2 of Syndeo's newsletter. We hope you enjoy the content!  

Best regards,
Claudia Greene
Digital Marketing Manager at Syndeo

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A note from Oliver Lennon our CEO

It has been a busy couple of months since our last update in July.  We’ve moved into our new head office at Syndeo House in the leafy surroundings of the Belfast’s Ormeau Road.  As well as moving into our new offices we’ve scaled up our team with a number of experienced entrepreneurs joining over the past couple of months.  Later in the newsletter you can read a little more about one of our recent recruits, Robert McGarry, who has joined the team as Chief Commercial Officer.

 We’ve also been busy building out our tech platform and I’m delighted with the response we have received from customers, prospects and industry analysts reporting on the functionally and business value delivered through our software.  You can read more about our most recent Arcanine Release here.

At the end of July, I had the pleasure of being on the panel as part of the launch of the UK Tech Nation Report (read more on the report here).  When asked on how we can accelerate growth in the tech start-up community, my advice was simple – perfect your customer pitch before worrying about the investor pitch! Acquiring customers and retaining their loyalty is as important to tech start-ups as it is too large scale enterprise organisations. Success is built on a razor sharp and unwavering focus on delivering high-quality customer experience. 

I'm also delighted to announce that in our upcoming webinar we will be joined by a panel of industry experts who will be discussing the impact of AI and asynchronous messaging on the operating model of the traditional contact centre. 

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Getting started with Syndeo

We have created a series of explanatory videos as an easy step-by-step guide for getting started with AI and the Syndeo platform. We cover topics from creating business focused customer service outcomes to training of the proprietary Syndeo AI engine.
Take a look and find out more today!
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What we've been up to

Syndeo attended the Predict Conference in Dublin this month where it showcased our Arcanine release to huge acclaim. The event explored the social and business implications of Artificial Intelligence as well as the technical breakthroughs, suggesting that we’re at a watershed moment. There was a real sense that the era of AI is upon us and the good news is that it looks less like the dystopian nightmare portrayed in science fictions films and more like a natural next step for data science. 

September also saw the launch of the latest version of Syndeo which was the Arcanine release. If you missed out on our webinar dedicated to the launch, watch it at your leisure from the link below. Our Arcanine release combines Syndeo’s proprietary AI technology with an intuitive user interface enabling organisations of all sizes to create customer service interactions via messaging.
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Industry thoughts...

We're always wanting to keep up to date within the world of AI and Customer Experience and one of the articles we liked this month was Jon Walker's "Use Cases of AI for Customer Service - What's Working Now". In the article, Jon gives light to the current trends and examples of what business leaders need to be considering today if they want to keep the standards of their customer service high. 

"Artificial Intelligence is currently being deployed in customer service to both augment and replace human agents – with the primary goals of improving the customer experience and reducing customer service costs. While the technology is not yet able to perform all the tasks a customer service representative could, many consumer requests are very simple tasks that can be handled by current AI technologies without human input."

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Syndeo blogs

Have you wondered how Amazon became the best customer experience organisation in the world? Do you want to understand what John Lush from Google thinks about digital customer experience?
You’ll find the answers in our blog posts.
Click the link below and have a browse!
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Meet the team - Robert McGarry CCO of Syndeo

I always thought I was going to be a scientist, nevertheless I left Queens University of Belfast with a PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1988 to start work in BT’s Belfast Software Engineering Centre. In 2000 I left BT for my first start-up experience with Singularity, a software product company based in Derry that built and sold a Business Process Management (BPM) suite.  Singularity was acquired by Kofax in November 2011 and two years later I left and started  working in SpeechStorm, another software start-up specialising in intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR). SpeechStorm was subsequently acquired by Genesys in December 2015 and six months later I moved on to yet another software start-up, FlowForma, this time based in Dublin but back in the BPM space. 

 In April of 2018, I started work in software start-up number four. Syndeo, based in Belfast, is a cloud-based business application that makes it possible for any business (big or small) to have its own digital channel backed by Syndeo’s own AI engine (Kelvin). 

 I believe that tomorrow's customers won’t stand for having to make a phone call to a confusing IVR, playing endless hold music only to be eventually “handled” by a poorly trained call centre agent. Instead, they will seek out companies that can deliver an instant answer to their question using the messaging app of their choice at any time of the
day or night.

Syndeo does that by communicating via Any Application. Utilising AI Blended with the right human expertise. In an environment that is totally Code Free.

Simple as ABC!


In the age of messaging your operation must be available 24x7

Syndeo Webinar

Thursday 15th November 2:30pm GMT

The need to be available 24x7 is something every business will need to address as the new generation of consumer demand instant access over the channel of their choice. Join us and our panel of industry experts as we explore the impact of the changing trends in communication and how this will impact telecommunication and utility companies and how they manage their contact centre operations. 


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